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"Get tested" mixed media painting 


For many years I have been bringing some sugar cubes, my sketches, and bits and pieces of photos along with me wherever I travel. These have been the foundation and space for doing my work. Sipping my bitter tea with a sugar cube in my mouth, I look at these bits and pieces for a long time, gathered from the works of Old Persian masters, curious about their accounts of life events in different time and space, is it the same as mine? I feel them calling to me, testing me, to present my own version of events, in the present time and space, and compare it with theirs, and this relieves me.


In my recent works, daily people in their lives are the subject, and sometimes the subject is me.


To express my spontaneous feelings in a simple way, of the daily-ness of life for those who are imprisoned by it for their daily bread. I needed a large canvas to represent the voice more realistically - it is very loud.


I think about routine life, tradition and modernity, being alive, loving, justice; and again I force myself to live simply so that others can simply live.


All paintings are mixed media collage on canvas, from 2014-2018. Some are currently in Kuwait but most are in Canada, stretched and ready to exhibit. 

Most of the paintings are 220x175 cm, some have two frame attached together.

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