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Reza Doust was born in Esfahan, Iran. He was trained in the traditional method and technique of Persian art from a young age (1974) - his first solo exhibition, at the age of 14, was held at the Iranian & American Cultural Society Esfahan. Graduated with a B.F.A. from Tehran University in 1986. In 1993 he left Iran for Kuwait, and in 1997 he relocated migrated with his family to Vancouver, Canada. 


Doust is known for his Avant-garde style, his painting exhibitions, and grande installation-arts in Kuwait and the Persian Gulf region, Europe, and Canada. In year 2000 he exhibited hist first show in Vancouver, On 2019-2020 solo exhibition at Doha Firestation Meuseum of Qatar, 2017 he held his first solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Isfahan Iran, solo exhibition at Modert art Meuseum of Kuwait, 2007, he held many solo exhibition in Kuwait, (selected show) Sultan gallery, Dar Al Fonoon, at Bahrain’s Al Bareh Gallery, and Evergreen gallery Coquitlam BC. Homa art gallery Tehran And more,,,, 


Doust has been living and creating in British Columbia, Canada, since 1997.



2008 Seven Canadian artist. Al Fanar art gallery Kuwait.  

2005 group shows with paricipants from India, Iran, Iraq at the Doust Little Gallery Alfanar mall in Kuwait

1996 Group of seven Contemporary Persian Artists, Boushehri Art Gallery, Kuwait

1996 Second International Biennale, Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran, Iran

1996 Traditional Persian Art, International Hall Exhibition, UAE, Dubai

1995 POW Art , Federation of Kuwait Artists. Awarded the second prize, Kuwait

1991 The Art of Portraits, Contemporary Museum of Tehran, Iran

1991 First International Biennale ,Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran, Iran

1989 Fine Arts Faculty, Tehran University, Iran

1980 Esfahan University, Student Society Hall, Esfahan, Iran

1978 Memorial for Tabass Earthquake, Fine Arts Department, Tehran University, Iran

1977 School of Fine Arts, Esfahan, Iran

1976 The First National Exhibition for Young Artists, International Hall Exhibition, Tehran, Iran




2011 Sultan gallery of Kuwait 

2007 Modern Art Museum of Kuwait  

2005 Alfanar Art Galleries, Kuwait  

2003 Alfanar Art Galleries, Kuwait

2003 Evergreen Cultural Center Gallery, Coquitlam BC Canada  

2003 Port Moody Art Centre, BC Canada

2002 Terry Fox Public Library, BC Canada

2000 Boushehri Art Gallery, Kuwait

2000 West Vancouver Memorial Library BC Canada

1999 Millenium Art Gallery, Vancouver BC Canada  

1994 Fine Art Academy, Amsterdam, Holland

1994 Boushehri Art Gallery, Kuwait

1989 Kane Iran Art Gallery, Esfahan, Iran

1988 Fine Arts Department, Tehran University, Iran

1975 Iranian & American Cultural Society, Esfahan, Iran

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